Travel Vegan

Some places in the world are more vegan-friendly than others and if like me you get bored of explaining yourself and feeling like you have to beg restaurants and cafés to provide something for you, then these tips are for you my friend.

Before I even travel anywhere I check out the Happy Cow site. So, for example, you are planning to travel to Barcelona, you type Barcelona in the search site and see the options available. Sometimes I even plan where I am going to stay in a city based on the number of options in an area. The Happy Cow app and site is a perfect resource for any vegan traveller. Before you have even arrived in a place you can check out what the vegan options are going to be like before you arrive. So if you then know that your options are limited, then you can plan in advance.

Even if the options are good or bad I tend to opt for taking a room or apartment with Airbnb that has some kitchen facilities for me to cook. It does not have to be a big fancy kitchen, as long as it has some hobs for cooking, anything else is a plus. If you are somewhere where Airbnb is not so active, or it does not feel safe, see if you can get a hotel room with a small kitchen, sometimes this is possible. My next tip is to bring some stuff with you to get started. What I normally bring is a light chopping board, a sharp knife, a non-stick pan. You can check in advance with your Airbnb host if they have these to save you bringing them, but my experience is that the knives are blunt and old, and the pans are very basic. This is understandable as hosts don’t want to keep replacing expensive stuff like this.

For breakfast, I like to get started with some oats with chia and flax meal, so I have a small Tupperware container with my oats that I bring and 2 small containers with flax and chia. From experimentation, I find this gives me a great start to the day with sustained energy, but you’ll know your bodies better. If you like fruit, then get it there, also it seems to be easy in most countries to get some non-dairy milk, even when I was travelling in places like Malawi, I had no trouble getting soya milk.

This brings me to the next tip. Hit the supermarket. Get in some supplies so you don’t get hungry and end up missing out on all your dietary needs. Sometimes even eating out it can be hard to get all the greens and veggies your body craves. With your chopping board and knife you can easily whip up a salad, or you can bring a bullet blender and make some smoothies. So all of these things you will need to put in your checked luggage if you are just travelling with carry-on there is no way you can bring all these things, 100% they will be taken away as you pass through controls at the airport. If you are not flying, then you’re good to go.